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Travel Guru

Travel Guru

Responsive Travel Service React app

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  • With click on booking user will get more information about the place with date picker for staying.
  • If user clicked on Start Booking button, the page redirects to login if user is not logged in.
  • Logged in user will have all the available hotel information based on place they selected prior with google map view
  • User can sign in through gmail, facebook, github, or email and password if registered.
  • User also register from the login page, user will get verification email when they register through the application.


  • React JS
  • Firebase Authentication (Google, Facebook, Github, Email/ Password)
  • React Router, Private Router
  • React Hook Form
  • React Context API
  • React Hook
  • Google Map React
  • Google Map API
  • Firebase Hosting
  • Bootstrap
  • CSS3
  • FontAwesome

Key Features Screenshots

Landing Page
Booking Page
Login Page
Admin Dashboard- Add Service
Hotel Info